Rio – Rainbow Gate! Episode #10

Well, that was a homage… Lil’ Mighty Bomb Jack!!! Thank you, Tecmo…

Like I said last episode, Joker would challenge Rio in a game of wits and mental strength called Blackjack! Although Rio gained a losing streak against Joker, she manage to score a win… and the No. 2 Gate Card!

Also on this episode, Dana challenges Rio once again in a game of Solomon’s Key where she must avoid traps (Sharks, again?) while keeping her clothes on, and get Dana’s No. 8 card as the key to challenge Rina in a rematch!

And BTW, it seems that Risa rehabilitated her daughter… exactly as planned! What would Cartia do now if Rio would get all of the cards and see the rainbow?

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  1. alex says:

    oh, this show 🙂

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