Freezing Episode #09

Sorry for posting this late, but I’ll make it short on this episode!

Anyway, there is another No. 1 Pandora named Cathy Lockheart. Although she’s the best in East Genetics which possesses three stigmas from Kazuya’ sister, she’s not interested in fighting Nova aliens as a leader and decides to become a novelist.

Of course, she encountered Satellizer in the past, which is why she’s not worthy of being part of Cavalier. Sadly, her fate as a Pandora has met its end where Cathy and her Cavalier mates encountered four Novas and attempts to stop them. But the Cavalier got stomped in the end… by being fused with the Nova! I guess it’s worse than cutting off limbs and impalement! We’ll miss ya, Cathy…

And Satellizer… I’m sure that you know this but the reason Kazuya chose you is because not only she resembles his dead sister Kazuha, but she has 6 stigmas from that legendary Pandora! However, having 6 of it will have a little chance of using the stigmas in full power. Anyway, it’s Nova Clash time in the final episodes!

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