Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode #10

Glasses and pigtails Homura-chan is TRUE Homura-chan!

By the way, if only Madoka Magica made a crossover with Yumekui Merry because having your dreams eaten by demons plus having despair equals to the creation of witches… and it’s gonna be a PROFIT!

Wait a minute, did Madoka Kaname became a magical girl while Mami Tomoe survived the “CHOMP CHOMP” by Charlotte?

Oh wait, it’s the first timeline where Madoka and Homura’s roles were reversed. You have the cute but weak Homura-chan looking up to her friend Madoka after being saved from a witch.

Sadly, Mami-sempai died and so was Madoka! And thus, Homura made a contract with Kyubey by gaining time-manipulating powers to turn back the clock.

In any case, Homura Akemi turn back time and everything returned to normal. Yet, she’s still clumsy when it comes to combat.

I guess Homura-chan can finally protect Madoka now that she’s a magical girl, right? Wrong, it gets worse from there!

You got Sayaka Miki becoming a witch early on. Even in another timeline, Sayaka felt that she was an idiot!

Not only that, but they’re starting to doubt themselves after making a contract from Kyubey…

So much that Mami Tomoe decides to kill’em all by shooting Kyouko Sakura first and then Homura Akemi. No, this can’t be happening!

While Homura survived, Mami-sempai didn’t as her Soul Gem got destroyed by Madoka.

Oh shit, both Mami and Kyouko were dead! Goddammit, Gen Urobuchi!

And speaking of Urobuchi, he made something that’s fucking worst. Madoka Kaname sacrificed her last Grief Seed to Homura Akemi and turned into the greatest witch ever existed… It’s name is Walpurgis Night!

Just before she became a witch, Madoka told Homura to stop her from meeting Kyubey.

But anyways, Homura Akemi lost her innocence and her cheerful side as she failed to save Madoka Kaname in every timeline. While she’s currently at the 5th timeline, Homura is worried that she might failed to rescue Madoka and prevent Walpurgis Night’s appearance from happening.

Now, I have more reason to hate Kyubey because that critter doesn’t care about their lives, and the endless recursion of time! *clenches fist* On to the next episode guys!

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    Moemura and GAR Madoka were win

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