Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Matsuri Episode #01

Since there will be a BakaTest Season 2 in the 2011 season, I should make a post on the OVA in anticipation. And Mr. Voyeur… He lost consciousness over seeing girls in cheongsam.

Also includes a Hokuto no Ken spoof… Which I wish they should use it over some school festival!

Anyway, Class F will do a Chinese Cafe… Complete with girls (and Hideyoshi) in cheongsam!

Just don’t let them serve Himeji’s poisoned fried balls- Oh, wait… This could be handy against these two hecklers!

Oh, and having Yoshii cross-dress as a girl feels so… good that he wants to pair up with Hideyoshi again!

So in the end… Class F has enough money to buy all the equipment so that their classroom would be presentable for Himeji’s dad, because they don’t want Himeji to be transferred out!

However, they’ll have to join the Summoned Being tournament on the next episode in order to win and get those school equipment for the classroom! I hope so…

BTW, is Kubo having a hard time choosing Yoshii-kun over that girl in the sky? Oh, wait… That’s Yoshii-kun, so it’s a win for Kubo, right?

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