Rio – Rainbow Gate! Episode #11

Looks like they’ll take back Howard Resort… By winning it big time!

Anyway, today’s episode puts Rio’s team against Yang-Yang and An-An in a concentration game… THAT EXPLODES!!! No wonder Howard closed it for good, yet Cartia revived it! Stupid Cartia… Even Elvis is getting his ass kicked for no reason.

Meanwhile, it seems that the reason of Risa Rollins’ hiding is the conspiracy of the MVCD, which they want to kidnap her when Risa gathered all the gate cards. Wow, the plot thickens in Rio – Rainbow Gate!

In the end, Team Rio won the match and Mint’s teddy bear is back in her hands… Well, Yang-Yang shouldn’t kidnap Choco and turned into An-An if it wasn’t for that “Made in China” mark on Mint’s teddy bear. Next episode is a rematch between Rio and Rina!

BTW, Queen cosplaying as Bomb Jack is so sexy… I wonder if Jack Mighty would be pissed off if he sees this?

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1 Response to Rio – Rainbow Gate! Episode #11

  1. MR.KLAC says:

    you dam straight if jack saw that really he would so pissed about it.

    either way by rio rainbow anime has by far worth my watching on winter 2011 season nuff said.

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