GOSICK Episode #10

THAT GIRL… Did she, whose name is Anastasia, abduct Mr. Denseman and ride on her horse carriage?

Originally, I planned to watch and blog this episode after it aired on March 14th… But due to the earthquake in Japan (just hope that reactor is saved and not blow up), I’ll just reserved it today, March 19th.

Anyway, it’s about time to solve this mystery… With little help from Victorique!

First of all, you need some help from this boy… He knows everything about the girls’ disappearance at Jiantan. Still, he calls Kujo as a China man.

But before we solved the mystery, this red-haired guy makes another appearance. His name… Brian *freaking* Roscoe!!!

I knew it that it’s him! But where’s Cordelia, BTW? Oh, wait… Let’s set it aside and continue with the investigation.

And with that street boy’s intuition, testimonies from Anastasia, and little help from Victorique, they’ll debunk Jiantan’s shady secrets for good…

Not… as planned! Unless the cops place their palms on the window, turn off the lights, and find the window that it doesn’t have a print.

Now we’re talking… Good thing Kujo didn’t get kidnapped by Garnier’s henchmen back then!

Well, except that he must face Garnier’s kung-fu secretary. Not to worry, Grevil is here to pin her down

And it seems that Kujo found what Anastasia is talking about; a room that auctions not only stolen art, but young girls that will go into prostitution? This is nuts for showing this on TV, but I like it!

I guess this mystery is solved again… Oh, and it seems that not only the Blue Jean is safe in Grevil’s hands, but they retrieved a crown from the Romanov family… Which means that-

Anastasia is the presumed member of the Romanov family. Not surprising there, considering that there is a revolution by the Boshelviks in imperial Russia at that time. Anyways, I’m glad that this case is over!

Before we go, let’s introduce this young lady holding Kujo’s face. This is Jacqueline, who is an acquaintance to Grevil.

Oh, and this boy… That’s Luigi, the street boy who helped Kujo in the Jiantan case. Now that’s surprising!

Since Victorique doesn’t have any screentime on this episode, a glass shoe by Kujo would please her. Now let’s move on to the next episode!

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  1. AMGitsKriss says:

    I think it’s actually it’s Human Trafficking, not Prostitution.

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