K-On!! Episode #27

And now… before we wait for the movie in December 2011 (or wait for the DVD next year) and the sequel that contains two stories, let’s end K-On!! with a extra episode shall we?

On this episode, Houkago Tea Time plans to go abroad so that Yui can sacrifice Gitah to the Statue of Liberty… IN AMERICA!

Unfortunately, no sacrifices will be held on this episode… We don’t want to lose Gitah forever, can we?

Although they’re ready to take on the world, they’ll have to make their own passports… and learn some English!

Now ogle at Ui Male Version!

Now Mio… Even though you’re shy in front of a large crowd, you need to stay focus and stop their distraction on getting your picture taken!

Despite having their own passport, let’s say we’ll save it for the upcoming manga sequel… I wish Kakifly would do a chapter of the girls venturing across the globe.

Anyways, bye for now Houkago Tea Time! We’ll wait for your upcoming journey by Kakifly…

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