Freezing Episode #11

And now it’s time for some good-old defending at West Genetics… Oh, and it’s rare to see Atia fight as a Pandora with her ball and chain!

Hell, so was Elizabeth… Using her Stigma Satellites thing! I hope she could fend off some enemy Pandoras.

Oh, Cathy… That’s not a good way for a reunion with Satella by stabbing Rana Linchen!

Unless Rana can break it free. But unfortunately, she’ll not be in action! Aww…

Since Satella-sempai must face a even-more powerful Pandora, she needs some drastic power-up by spurting wings…

And don’t forget Kazuya’s Freezing power! I guess Satella-sempai realizes that she needs a partner like him. Now that’s trust!

Um, girls… Did you forget something that the enemy Pandora just infiltrated the core. What the hell?!

Just a reminder that the last episode might screw up with either putting recaps or censor it at AT-X. I might disappoint when they botched it up!

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