Star Driver Episode #24

Since this is the penultimate episode, let’s give these three some quality time together before the final battle…

Speaking of happy times, looks like Shingo is finally awaken! I wonder if he’s going to see the world after giving Head his ultimate seal? Oh, wait… I suspect that he doesn’t! Count your crimes, Tokio/Head/Reiji!!!

And finally, Keito made a vow of eternity to Sugata that they would stay together with a kiss. Although…

She might not last longer though now that her seal is broken by who know you with brand spanking Cybody. I guess Keito is an hero to the Glittering Crux!

Well, that was surprising for a penultimate episode… Looks like Takuto’s hands is full on the final episode, now that he has to stop his father and Samekh from creating chaos outside of Zero Time!

Now on to Kanako’s muthafuckin’ boat… Just hope that it everything ends FABULOUSLY!!!

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