Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode #11

Well, at least Ayumu got his body all patched up… Except that he fell into a coma.

And BTW, CPR won’t do much…

As you may know, King of the Night wants to be dead for reals this time… by Eu-chan! Yet, she can’t do that.

What a sad necromancer! But what about Ayumu?

By headbutting his subconscious mind! Good job Haruna…

See, at least it works! Thanks Dai-sensei for helping Haruna.

Of course, they’ll have to stop a humongous Megalo from terrorizing the city…

Not until Seraphim and her vampire ninja maids can take care of it… with a dash of symphony!

With vampire ninja maids taking care of that Megalo, looks like both Haruna and Ayumu can transform into Masou Shoujo and perform a Double Mystletainn Kick!

Too bad that after performing it, Haruna has to take a vacation…

But don’t worry, Ayumu can punch the hell out of that King of the Night! Of course, it’s not enough to take him down…

Only Eu-chan can take him down and send it to the other side!

Well, that should rest him in peace… Throw the King of the Night some penguins for good measure!

And speaking of King’s passing, we finally get to see Eu-chan speak for the first time… with no delusions whatsoever!

I’m glad that it’s over… and everything is back to normal!

Last episode is gonna be a breather one at the beach with swimsuits and all!!!

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