Hourou Musuko Episode #12

No matter what changes that your body will have, you’re still the same girly Nitorin that I know and loved!

Oh, and don’t forget the headpiece…

As you may know (if you’re reading the manga, unlike me), everything will change… and also preparing for another school festival!

Of course, some would remain as themselves for now. Example, the likes of Chi-chan and Momo-chan! Man, I think Momo’s future would be a stalker-yandere lesbian…

And as for Nitorin’s relation to Doi… At least they made a truce, just in time to cooperate on the latest genderbender play.

Lastly, their conversation between Shuuichi and Anna-chan is definitely touching! But for the romance, it left us hanging of whether who would end up with.

Now for the final verdict… Hourou Musuko is so sweet to watch with all the issues of sexuality and identity, even though it only has 12 (or 11 for the TV Version) episodes and only selected chapters were animated.

But if AIC Classic (Man, how many division does AIC have these days?) receive some positive feedback through DVD sales, I might be surprised if they would make another season on Noitamina!

PS: I don’t have a clue of how Shuuichi’s latest genderbender play concluded… It’s so sad!

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