Yumekui Merry Episode #12

BTW, Yumekui Merry will end on April 8… While we’re at it, we have to destroy Mistilteinn and Iijima-sensei once and for all!

We need some hope at the end of the tunnel!

Speaking of the ending, Lestion will die if he collects all defeated Dream Demons, made those poor shattered dreams as bullets, and use his body to fire those bullets at Mistilteinn. That means…

She’ll be the same old Kawanami… I hope she mind protecting her newly-found dreams since Chizuru got befriended by Isana.

Still, Mistilteinn pwned them without effort, especially Engi Three-piece… Why did you do that, bastard!? But I guess they no choice but to use Leon’s gun.

Unless Yumeji steps it up and tackle them head-on… Just don’t die, Yumeji!

Well then… Let’s wait and see what happens on the final episode! I can’t wait to see those bastards getting pwned by the likes of Yumeji’s gang (sans John Doe, BTW)!

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