Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne—!! Episode #12

Since both Nao and Shuusuke are all alone at the house on Sunday, I guess it’s time for Nao’s plan to seduce her brother until he can’t sleep. Man, should you at least tell him already that you’re not blood-related!

Unfortunately, her plan got stalled because her brother ran naked, finding porn mags with his AGE boys during the night, and got a fever. And of course, they’re visited by Iroha-chan and Kondou-sempai. At least these two are back instead of being visited by the Yatagai sisters…

But at least they need to stop their rivalry for once!

In the end, Nao took good care of her brother. But still, she doesn’t like Shuu-chan at all! I guess status quo is retained in OniiZen.

In any case, this is quite a decent comedy anime, despite the art, cast of characters, and the plot that will just drag on unless you’re reading the manga. But the only I turned off was the animal censor bars, which reveals nothing IMO!

But in the end, it’s a good show… Not as best, not as worse!

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