Rio – Rainbow Gate! Episode #13

So about the problem with Rio losing to Rina 14 times in a row? Not to worry… She can do a comeback and win the Rainbow Gate and the greatest dealer in the world!

And yes, Rio did it! But there’s still more after the battle…

Like having a reconciliation between the sisters and their mother, Risa Rollins. Aww, I knew that they would be friends in the end. Thank you, Risa!

Well, Rio… Since you won all the gates, I guess you can use it for good!

Until Cartia and her MVCD assault team barge it in to take the Rainbow Gate for evulz! Damn, I knew you want the gates to take over the world, Cartia.

Not to worry though… Of all the people would pull off a “Big Damn Heroes” moment, Carlos the pathetic gambler did it in fashion! Oh, and he’s a undercover cop whose bad luck was just a facade for his real duty. To arrest anyone who would use gambling for world domination!

And what about the Rainbow Gate, Rio used it to bring good luck across the globe. From having a jackpot in the slot machine to world peace! And even revive Rina’s mother from the brink of sickness. I knew that Rio could bring her good luck roll ruler to the rest of the world.

Cartia, you lost the game… Now give him back Howard Resort and leave, you bitch!

Well, XEBEC… You made this pachinko game-turned-anime as awesome as it gets, even though the plot is so plain. But, it’s also enjoyable when you add all the fanservice and shoutouts to Koei Tecmo. But too bad that Dynasty Warriors and Dead or Alive were not featured in Rio – Rainbow Gate!

So I guess it’s the end of this “boring but awesome gambling” anime.

Unless there’s a possibility that another season is coming soon… when the DVD sales are up. XEBEC, make us Season 2 when you got positive results!

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