Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #13

Well apart from having Saori-san groping her own breasts, it’s kinda weird and lonely without Kyousuke’s sister…

Anyways Kyou-chan, you should make Ruri Gokou Kuroneko as a substitute to Kirino for the time being.

On the other hand, how about they should join the Game Research Club together instead of doing nothing separately!

By the way, isn’t that the guy which Kyou-chan borrowed his bike from Episode 12? Can’t believe that he’s the club president!

Oh look, isn’t that Kouhei’s sister? The one that she’s a fujoshi and fantasizes men banging each other in bed?

Yup, it confirmed by everyone present in the club!

This is Sena Akagi and she even admits that she loves seeing Makabe-kun being stabbed in the back by the club members!

But you know what, Ruri Gokou doesn’t mind her rotten personality ’cause she revealed Sena’s true colors. I guess it’s “Just as planned!” by Kuroneko…

Shit, she’s screwed! But don’t worry, Sena’s onii-chan will calm her down.

Of course, the one got scared the most is Makabe, which he got white-ashed and traumatized for what she said!

Anyway, 2 episodes to go on this web special! I can see the ending… A Kuroneko End, that is!

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