2010… The end of the Season! 2011… The beginning of the Season!

It started on April 1, 2010… And now, it ends on April 8, 2011! As you may know, it was a bumpy ride for the 2010 season. But now, we have to move on to the next season.

BTW, Madoka Magica will not be classified because its airing is incomplete. But for now, it’s time for the best anime of 2010 and the following plans for 2011!

Thanks to Danbooru for the pictures, along with the respective artists.

First up, the best anime of 2010 starting with…

1. Best Spring Anime in 2010…
– Maid-sama!

If JCStaff can make another season for this sugary-moe shoujo anime, I’ll be rejoicing… But anyway, Maid-sama! is so damn good to watch with all its moments with Misaki and Usui, that it broadcast this anime on Animax Asia.

2. Best Summer Anime in 2010…
– Seitokai Yakuindomo

It’s all about the sex jokes without putting the brakes! Plus, it’s the interaction between the characters that makes it so funny, especially Ranko-chan’s shutter chances!

3. Best Fall Anime in 2010…
– Yosuga no Sora

I guess this anime breaks the mold of eroge adaptation with full sex action over a plot of anguish love and dealing lives! Thank you Feel for providing us TV Anime with porn and plot.

4. Best Winter Anime in 2010…
– Kimi ni Todoke Season 2

Although it got halved to 12 episodes, at least Sawako and Kazehaya gives us more bubbles and sparkles. Oh, and don’t forget Kento-kun and Kurumi-chan for that matter.

5. Most overrated anime in 2010…
– K-On!!

No need for explanation… KyoAni made it better with more moe than Season 1.

6. Most overlooked anime in 2010…

What can I say… It’s Stan Lee’s take on making an anime and manga about a boy and his toy robot kicking baddies’ asses IN AMERICA! Now if only BONES can make another season that involves Dr. Minami and his evil counterpart of Heroman.

7. Most disappointing anime series in 2010…
– Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku

*sigh* Maybe they should make it more sexy with plots resolved than giving us a half-assed ending!

8. The anime series that I didn’t watch in 2010…
– Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Although it started in 2009, I didn’t get the chance to watch it during its airing until its finale in Spring 2010. Sure it’s good that it ended like in the manga, but time constraints left no other choice but to pass this remake of Fullmetal Alchemist.

9. Best overall anime series in 2010…
– Durarara!!

This is kinda surprising that it’s full of mysteries and plots that needs to reconstruct, diverse cast of characters, and production that is bold like in Baccano! And speaking of Baccano, Durarara is like the modern version of it and extended to 24+2 episodes. I thank Brains Base and Aniplex for making it so awesome. Now, I’ll just wait for another season…

And now, the plans for 2011 Anime Season. Aside from Nichijou and Gosick, I might add up these shows that I will cover on my blog during the course of Spring:

1. A Channel
2. Hanasaku Iroha
3. Ao no Exorcist
4. Astarotte no Omocha!
5. Hidan no Aria
6. Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
7. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

For others like Maria Holic Alive and Seikon no Qwaser II, I might watch these shows… but not gonna cover it due to time constrains. In the case of Qwaser, I might drop it if this Season 2 is censored due to its content.

Even though it’s late, I’ll see you next season. Bring it on, 2011!!!

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