Freezing Episode #12

So what about that Nova Pandora who just broke into the core at the end of Episode 11? It’s been taken care of by Chiffon Fairchild… Oh, and don’t let her smile fool you!

Wow… Did Ganessa the bitch just shielded Satella-sempai? Man, no one can survive that!

Yup… No one can survive that!!! There goes your sempai, Arthur.

Oh, well… Rage time for Satella-sempai!!! This is gotta hurt for Ingrid, just don’t kill her please!

But it seems that someone is watching her grow… This includes the old man too! A 2nd Season could be a possibility, but I don’t want it to happen at this moment especially that guy who messed Satella’s life forever!

At least a cooldown hug by Kazuya can calm her down. But the thing is, Ingrid is spared… At least her dreams didn’t die as well after losing both arms.

And look, Ganessa is alive. Shaken, but still standing… almost!

But they have to deal with the last Nova… who just appeared inside the core! Shit, this is worse than it thought to be.

Not to worry… Their Pandora Mode that changes colors and power up can stop it!

Only to be stopped by Satella’s uncontrollable Nova Form. You should have throw away and destroy Ingrid’s Nova Stigma when there is a chance.

Not on Kazuya’s watch! He could snap her out with his Freezing that not only Satella-sempai can see Kazuha…

But can make all Pandora feel warm and tingly inside… In short, they just came!

Anyway, let these Pandoras finish that Nova off…

While Satella-sempai deal the final blow… with rainbow wings!!! I’m glad that this crisis is over.

Now Kazuya… Can you do the Baptism on Satella right now? Oh, wait… They can’t do that at the moment! Maybe let’s forget about it for now.

What can I say on my final thoughts onto this series? Freezing is a bit enjoyable with all the battle and fanservice. But it seems that some elements from the manga didn’t carried over to this adaptation (like the armors in Pandora Mode), so therefore it’s a bit disappointing to watch when its focus is just Ts & As.

So if Season 2 is announced, I might facepalm to heck when it happens!

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