A Channel Episode #02

And what a way to start this episode with Run having no pantsu. But anyways, it’s just another day on A Channel!

Oh, and it seems that Nagi’s glasses are fake and can see spirits and death line that she can cut to, just like any Shiki you pick on the Nasuverse.

But it was just a lie that scared the hell out of Yuuko. If only Yoko Hikasa voices Yuuko…

Then again, we need some Minako Kotobuki coverage on A Channel!

Oh wait, did Run-chan have nausea already? It’s so soon if you know what I mean!

Nah, she lacks sleep. Therefore, she goes to the infirmary and sleep… Man, I thought she’s ruined!

Anyway, the girls went into Nagi’s home after drenching through the rain. Make yourselves at home, girls!

BTW, Run is too dumb to live on her own, and she’s got some nasty bad luck that she’s attracted to rain like a magnet!

But hey, at least they took a shower and clean themselves. BTW, Nagi looks cuter without her specs!

As for Yuuko, it seems that Tooru continues to harass her by poking the hell out of it because of that “incident” on Episode 1.

You shouldn’t have done that Yuuko, you shouldn’t!

Like I said, it’s just another day on A Channel… Just another day!

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