A Channel Episode #03

Isn’t it great that you’re being rewarded by your friends as the top student, Tooru?

But if only you can advance one year so you can graduate together with Run, Nagi, and Yuuko…

BTW, this is Sato-sensei which he previously appeared in Episode 2.

Anyways, he’s the health teacher who’s being infatuated with Run-chan, especially her forehead. This is something that Tooru doesn’t like!

But good thing Sato-sensei is a weaksauce masochist so there’s no problem to that… I hope!

And while Tooru has her official friends, she’s gaining some fans (or stalkers) lately like Yutaka. Yep, that Yutaka is a pain in the ass!

Good thing she’s being restrained by Miho-chan, another Tooru fan. Glad that someone like Miho has the guts to protect Tooru!

Of course, Tooru has Run-chan and company as her friends. Yup, that’s what I’m talking about!

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