A Channel Episode #04

So Tooru… U JEALOUS on Yuuko’s nice figure? On the other hand, there are people who like flat-chested girls!

Also, more touching by one of Tooru’s fans! At least Miho is not a fanatic compared to Yutaka though…

Oh yeah, and Miporin move Tooru away from Yutaka when she has a chance. Well, I would like to say “Give her a freaking break!” on Yutaka!

Meanwhile, here’s Nagi as she’s assessing her weight by going on a diet. After all, she kinda look like Yomi!

But it seems that she gained 1 kilogram after the weigh-in. Anyway, Nagi’s dieting mission was a failure for her because she’s doing it wrong!

Well, Nagi blames Yuuko for having a slender body. Then again, she could blame Tooru for blurting out her dieting routine.

On the contrary, Tooru has to gain some weight on her chest and hips! But then, she’s a bit slim by not wearing her kneesocks properly. U MAD, Nagi?

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