Amagami SS Episode #26

And now for even more different episode… That’s right, a Miya arc episode!

It’s been a year since Amagami SS ended last year. And to end this series on a wonderful note, AIC gives us Ep. 26!

Like in Ep. 25, Miya checks Nii-Nii and his interaction with the girls. This includes Hibiki and Takahashi-sensei, which is a possibility that AIC might make an OVA based on their routes! Just hope that they would do it.

To add it up, they invited Risa… Although Risa still stalking Junichi as always, thus Miya will never call Risa as “Nee-Nee” like she does to Junichi!

Also, Miya is getting a boyfriend on this episode… She declined, fortunately!

And finally, how about a bonding with Nii-Nii by finding the lost kitty’s mother!

Good thing they finally found it. And not only the cats got reunited, they’re “nibbling” each other! Cue the title drop and explanation by Junichi!

Of course, he shouldn’t explain it to Miya-chan! You may cue the Incest Yay on TVTropes after her nibbling of Nii-Nii.

Anyway, that’s a wrap of Amagami SS. Unless AIC will do more routes to milk on, at least everybody got a happy ending… Except for poor childhood friend Kaoru Tanamachi! (unless someone played her route and get the best ending)

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