Nichijou Episode #05

What can I say… Damn, Hakase is so nyan-moe! Just another day in Nichijou.

First up… How Nakanojo wants to try asking the dead, got scammed, and ran away! BTW, Nakanojo’s VA is known as voicing Chiba in Mitsudomoe.

Second, how Yukko got pwned by Mio after she was hit with a daruma-otoshi toy!

Third, more Mai trolling… This time with another round of roshambo!

Except that the winner must bonk the loser on the head. Easier said than done if your opponent is Mai!

Fourth, Professor “fixes” Nano’s Daruma doll by putting a pupil on the blank eye. It fails and messed up by having this poor doll some shades!

What could I say… Hakase gives her effort to fix your doll, Nano. Be grateful!

And finally, it’s doodling time. First up, it’s Yukko’s turn!

Well… At least her drawing is “cool”!

Not until Mio cranks it up and turned into a duel! Remind you, she’s a manga artist that draws yaoi.

And BTW… These drawings will be used for the next test. The numbers 3 to 5 are belonged to Mio, so…

It went backfired for her! I guess she’s ruined for life in Nichijou…

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