GOSICK Episode #15

I guess Brian Roscoe has no connection to Leviathan and his phony alchemy… But we do learned that he predicts of another storm that will terrorize the world. Oh, and I’m talking about World War 2!

And speaking of his prediction, he helped Cordelia escaped but she has to leave her child anyway.

Since we finally debunked Leviathan’s alchemy all thanks to Victorique, we will now see what lies behind the sham of Leviathan. Oh, and that needle… It came from the rose panel that hides a switch.

As you can see, he’s hiding some real gold bars on top of the tower. And he’s pretty much dead all along.

There’s more… Leviathan is an African who escaped being persecuted by Sauville colonists, and dons the mask to capture the King’s favor so he could save his country. No wonder racism exist in GOSICK! (and in real-life back in the 20s)

And what about this guy who wants to have an army of homunculi for the coming storm? (Hint: First and Second) He’s the future king of Sauville, the father of Grevil and Victorique: Albert du Blois!

Now you know why he courted Cordelia and made another monster in the form of Victorique. Gee, no wonder he has reminiscence of Hitler…

Well then… The mystery is solved! But of course, I might say that I’m worried about King Albert and his ambition.

Anyway… It’s getting thick on the plot now. Of course, you might be thinking that this show is boring and it focuses on Victorique, right?

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