Hanasaku Iroha Episode #05

Not only Tohru is dating Yuina, but he was given the opportunity to transfer to Fukuya! Shit, that’s so cruel!!!

But it looks like that it was a misunderstanding with Tohru lending a hand for a day (with permission from Mr. Ren) because Fukuya’s top chef got sick thus the rival inn offered him to work for them in a short time. And… He doesn’t have any relationship with Yuina, which is a relief!

As you can see, Tohru is pretty unhappy when he heard about that misunderstanding!

You may blame Jiroumaru for spreading it, Tohru!

What can I say… It’s a great relief for Minko now that Tohru is back in Kissuisou. Of course, Minko still calls Ohana a “balut”! Yeah, yummy balut…

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  1. IAF says:

    Nice blog you have here, I just subscribed it with my Google reader. I’ve been watching these animes too, actually in my country we call it “chase”. I’m chasing nichijou, anohana and iroha too.

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