The World God Only Knows II Episode #04

Previous episode, we got to see Haqua in person… Now, they have to confront a much bigger loose soul, who controls humans like zombies!

And regarding Haqua… Just to let you know that she’s an ace in school, but a dunce during real situations. I know it may sound hurtful for what I’ve said to her, but it’s true!

Although I have to take back what I’ve said ’cause her now-empty heart has now being controlled by that loose soul! Gee, I wonder if Keima the Capturing God is alright?

Not until Elsee give her the cooldown hug! Only the power of friendship would heal Haqua’s heart and returned to normal.

There, there… She’s back to herself again! Oh, and thumbs up for Elsee without her ponytail…

Now we would excuse ourselves as Haqua does crowd control while Elsee captures the loose soul. See, teamwork pays off than being working alone!

Since Haqua didn’t capture a single loose soul yet, Elsee gave her first one as a token of friendship! Isn’t it sweet, but where’s Keima?

Well, he’s not involved in this incident since he doesn’t involved a girl. Too bad that Keima got stepped to his chest by that loose soul’s minions… Twice!

And as for Elsee… She got her moment of awesomeness by capturing that loose soul by herself. Although she still cute with her tantrum moments!

So anyway, that’s the end of Haqua’s arc! And for the next episode, it’s back to capturing girls again…

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