A Channel Episode #06

Remember Run-chan, you should run away from molesters and perverts!

Yes, this includes Satou-sensei and man, he got it coming on this one!

Oh yeah, seems that Satou-sensei has a rivalry with Kitou-sensei so there’s something.

Still, at least Yuki Nagato and Itsuki Koizumi are back together as teachers in A Channel!

Anyway, this episode takes the four girls on an nightly adventure at school… Finding Yuuko’s survey papers!

But as always, Yuuko is pretty much a goner without her friends. She might get scared and faint to death when Yuuko sees ghosts…

…or even Satou-sensei as he was collapsed or something! I wonder if he’s living there just like Eikichi Onizuka from GTO? In the end, they didn’t find her papers.

Well Yuuko, it’s dangerous to go back now! Heck, you might be molested by perverts at night.

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