Maid-sama! OVA

Gah… Meido Suzuna-chan!


*get up* And crap… Meido Miyako-san! Wait, it’s missing something like Mahoro’s catchphrase!

Anyway, OVA time!!!

Oh yeah, it’s OVA time in Maid-sama! But it seems that it cut half to 12 minutes, leaving out the three stooges of Misaki High, Yukimura, Kanou, and the rest of Maid Latte.

But at least it has Misaki’s friends… Like Shizuko, who temporary works as a delivery girl!

So was Sakura too! Man, it’s like both a deja vu and a blessing for the Ayuzawa family.

Oh, and even Usui and that Mr. Third-Rate guy named Hinata came to visit Misa-chan… in her maid uniform!

Oh, and I’m sorry for calling you Mr. Third-Rate, Hinata! But anyways, thanks for giving them veggies.

Still, it’s good to watch this OVA even though it’s short. But anyways, I hope J.C.Staff can make another season!

Oh, and Licht the cat is so tsundere to Usui.

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