Nichijou Episode #07

And now, I try something different… What about some 4-Koma then, eh? Anyway, a traitor named Dolph wants to get two wooden cubes from the king and the princess suddenly tripped and died. Wow!

Similarly, this random guy got the possession of the cubes. But he accidentally… to Mio! Man, using two wooden cubes as a catalyst to an ancient weapon is so lame!

BTW, don’t give up on loving Sakurai-sensei, Manabu… You need to push harder!

Oh, look… It’s Mio’s sister playing Nano-chan’s turnkey and hiding her arm in the bag, how trollific! Not as trollific as Mai-chan though.

Finally- Just WTF is Nano doing!? I mean, she almost hit the Professor with that hyper-fastball!!!

Anyway, another day ends in Nichijou… Although there is no Mai trolling nor deer wrestling on this episode, so it got bored once in a while.

But at least that psuedo-suspense drama at the beginning is enjoyable!

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