A Channel Episode #07

Since summer is gonna end soon, how about we do something different other than going to the beach again.

How about some karaoke where four girls sing. Too bad that no insert song was included for this episode!

First up, Yuuko-chan who sings like a pro just like how Minako Kotobuki does in both Houkago Tea Time and Sphere.

Second is Run-chan. Very sweet voice just like how she sings in Lucky Star!

BTW, Tooru can’t sing like a star. It’s just that she’s shy and she might mangled the lyrics!

Lastly, there’s Nagi as she sings like a enka pro while she loses some pounds. That’s dedication!

Don’t worry, how about a duet with Run-chan. You can do it, Tooru! Anyway, that wraps up for karaoke…

On the other hand, there’s Satou-sensei as he’s feeling lonely without Run-chan around.

But hey, he’s great at singing even though the girls hear him!

Oh, and let’s end this episode with some fireworks! The girls made it somehow…

With summer break over, it’s time for these girls to go for another school term next week! See ya…

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