Hanasaku Iroha Episode #09

*facepalm* Now I’m worried about Kissuisou…

*looks again and facepalm* Totally doomed! But I’m counting on Ohana!

And good thing she finally found Tohru… Although Ohana takes its toll on her body. Gah, I though it was over for them!

You may thank Ko-chan for giving Ohana some advice! But where’s Ko-chan?

Unfortunately, he got some work at a city somewhere! Man, I thought they would meet at some point on this episode but it seems it was not meant to be…

Still, Kissuisou did maintain its quality amidst of the guest bookings.

If it wasn’t for Ohana finding Tohru or the Manager being sick, things will be hectic that it might break down big time!

Well, what a day at Kissuisou it was! Maybe they would join at the rankings one day…

On second thought, it’s not their concern right now!

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  1. tomphile says:

    I loved this episode. Made me feel all fuzzy inside. Then again, I feel bad for Ko who came back from the countryside empty-handed. That sucks.

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