The World God Only Knows II Episode #08

And now, here’s a filler episode before Jun Nagase’s arc… Assuming that it’s the next episode after this one!

This episode gives a brief and wacky history of dating sims…

Complete with 2D girls conquering 3D demons using the power of the Psyco Drive!

If you don’t watch Char’s Counterattack, you lost this shout-out!

This poses a dilemma for Elsee of how to buy galges especially the first editions of it…

I wonder what will Keima’s reaction would be if she buys the Girls’ Side version of Love Tears?

Still, she bought the expensive First Edition of Love Tears… in DVD format!

Don’t worry, Keima bought the PFP version of Love Tears. But next time, learn from your Capturing God, Elsee!

The second have brings back Haqua after Eps. 3 and 4. Oh, and she need some help to complete her report.

Still, Haqua misunderstood and underestimate Keima in any ways! BTW, where’s Keima’s mom?

She gives her hubby some earful of scorned words! Don’t make that joke again, Haqua!

Remember, don’t you ever mentioned “illegitimate child” to Mrs. Mari Katsuragi… You don’t want to destroy their happy family life, don’t you?

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