A Channel Episode #09

Um Nagi, did you receive a freaky-looking stuffed toy that was hand-made by Run-chan?

Heck, Tooru is getting a bit jealous about it!

Today’s episode is Halloween Day. Although it not as popular as Christmas in Japan, especially those Yamanote Halloween Train rides that ruined it to obscurity!

Good thing it’s gaining popularity in recent years. Even the children wants to have “Trick or Treat” on poor Tooru!

Of course, it can’t be a Holloween without some random giveaway snacks or even hotcakes.

Well, it’s better than the other way around in A Channel!

Anyways, it’s “omake time”! And I know what you’re thinking about Yuuko being set on a H-Doujin!

Man, just look at the similarities between her and that girl from the ero-book Tooru bought.

Well, I guess Yuuko has to be careful from now on… We don’t want her as a slut, don’t you?

Oh, and we don’t want to corrupt that sweet-little girl named Run-chan! Reading ero-books is bad when you’re under 18.

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