Astarotte no Omocha! Episode #09

Hell yeah, it’s time to hit the beach!!!

And… some yummy CPR by Asuha! (Sadly, no one was drowned on this episode)

This episode is joined by Judit and Zelda the Knight…

Lotte’s other friend, maidservants, and Sorvieg…

Prince Siguro, doing what he does best to stalk Lotte and take her away…

And Dora the protector of Prince Siguro, still doing her job of keeping an eye of the prince!

Oh, and let’s not forget Queen Mercelída Ygvar and her personal guard Ursula.

While they we’re doing their lesbian thing, where’s Naoya-kun?

Oh… He was collapsed then due to fever, eh?

Well, Naoya… You shouldn’t push yourself harder! Take a rest…

With Effie and Zelda taking care of you as nurses! God, he’ll get a boner.

I guess I spoke too soon… Dammit Judit, do you want to see his boner so badly?

Anyway, Naoya’s fever gone down and he’s back to his normal self! Oh, and he’s receiving some food from Lotte and her friends.

You may thank Prince Siguro for that, but he’ll end up in the friend zone!

Anyway, 3 episodes to go… I wonder what will happen next to Naoya.

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