Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. Episode #09

Well Tsuruko and Anaru, be grateful that Menma serve you muffins or cream puffs if you want to call it. Of course, only Anaru got chilled in fear!

On the other hand, Poppo doesn’t get scared after being served by Menma. Now as you can see, Menma is trying her best to show her presence to everyone.

Of course, there’s Yukiatsu who is not convinced to her ghostly appearance. On the other hand, he admits that Yukiatsu is living in the past because he loves Menma!

So when Yukiatsu and Tsuruko went to see Menma’s father Manabu, Yukiatsu did the unthinkable…

…by do the dogeza pose to convince him to make a rocket for Menma. Um, you should do that to Menma’s mother instead.

Also Yukiatsu, you’ve just made yourself looked uncool in front of Mr. Honma!

But nevertheless, seems that the rocket will be build after all. Hooray for not having to worry about working for nothing!

Of course, some people aren’t enthusiastic about the news…

You got Yukiatsu as is getting angsty on himself for not seeing Menma. Also, there’s Anaru as her love for Jintan is still unrequited. I pity this girl…

But hey, at least you got Yukiatsu as a last-minute option, much to Tsuruko’s charging as she’s in love with Yukiatsu. I see “Nice Boat” ending on him!

Lastly, here’s Jintan running towards the secret base as he sensed danger…

…like Menma standing closer to the river. Hmm, did she jumped from the bridge!? Wait, she’s a ghost already!

Then again, seems that he’s in danger as Jintan fell off by running too fast. Good thing Jintan didn’t bump his head hard during that fall ’cause he’ll be a goner!

With 2 episodes to go (Man, this series is one episode short!) and the firework is in near completion, will Ano Hana have a happy ending? Once more, will Menma finally rest in peace or make a Deux Ex Machina return to Earth?

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