Hidan no Aria Episode #09

Man, just what the hell are you doing to Kinji, Riko? And… How come you’re on top of him!?

But who cares, Aria will get her slave back! So yeah…

BTW, if only J.C.Staff would honor Tomoko Kawakami for her role as Utena. We’ll miss you Miss Tomoko and your voice!

So anyway… It’s just a typical cat-and-mouse chase (like always) between Aria and Riko. Man, we agree to Kinji that it’s sad to see them fight.

Of course, Riko is still enemy number 1 on Aria’s hitlist so it can’t be help then! And in addition, Aria will face criminal charges if she arrest Riko with force and no evidence.

Yeah, Riko… You’re such a tease, bitch! What are you hiding anyway?

And seriously… Are you planning to give up your Miko status and do kinky things together with Kin-chan? Please, just dress up and go home for a month!

Anyway, next episode involves robbery at the EU with Riko. But honestly, I think she would backstab Aria and Kinji on their mission…

Still, I hate Riko even though she’s cute, and it’s three episodes to go… Just hoping that J.C.Staff can squeeze this arc without wrecking it!

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