GOSICK Episode #21

So, let’s finish this case shall we before we wait for 3 episodes!

First of all, let’s introduce once again to King Rupert de Gille and Jupiter Roget, respectively.

As you can see, they’re still waiting for the Coco Rose play to finish. But there is a hidden story behind the play…

In fact, the reason why King Rupert needed a double to Coco Rose was to hide the fact that Queen Coco Rose has the Leviathan’s child and the King killed her.

Hmm, I guess they did something before Leviathan’s final flight. Go figure, miscegenation!

And thus, Nicole Le Roux got her ultimate demise… But it seems that Nicole’s severed head was not hers after being buried with Nicole’s body being preserved.

Sure enough, it was the Queen’s severed head being charred off and rotten for a long time. And as for Nicole’s head, it was blown to bits.

Well, at least Jupiter was impressed by Victorique’s deduction. Of course, Jupiter did the right thing of making a body double for Coco Rose. (Sorry, Nicole!)

But still, it doesn’t make sense on this episode…

How come this old lady and this brown guy happened to be former Queen Coco Rose and her son? Oh wait… Don’t tell me that the Queen’s maid got switched and died at the hands of King Rupert instead? Man, this is confusing!

But at least Victorique got this case completely solved and both Coco Rose and her son lived a happy and peaceful life. Well, I pity Coco’s maid and Nicole Le Roux for their loss. Still, it’s confusing…

And it made even more confusing of how come there’s a double Brian Roscoe all the way across last week’s and this week’s episode? Dammit, my mind can’t take it!

Anyway, three episodes to go… And I’m thinking that they might not reach the point on this series where Marquis Albert de Blois would manipulate the King and use Victorique to engage World War 2!

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