Nichijou Episode #11

Hey, how come that president of the Igo Soccer Club has a helicopter? Then again, did he use his money to screw the rules and save his club from disbandment?

God, I beg to differ…

So, want to skip the test because you don’t have the time to study? How about immerse yourself to a cold bath (with ice) and-

Oh wait, I forgot that Yukko’s idiocy can’t catch colds… as a rule!

At least Mai-chan shares your pain… maybe!

Hmm… A large-size super glue made by the Professor? Good idea!

Unless someone would put water to dissolve the glue, that is… I wonder if Sakamoto can breathe under that glue substance?

Anyway, let’s end this post with this man receiving a “chocolate” ball by his grandson.

He collapsed after eating it…

As for the principal, he seems that he always feels pressured when he receive something weird!

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