The World God Only Knows II Episode #10

Well… Do you want to reach Keima with video games, Miss Nagase? Oh, and you holding the PFP upside down!

That reminds me… Will KamiNomi have the PF Vito in recent chapters? (Yeah, it’s PS Vita in the TWGOK world)

Anyway… Looks like Keima wants to leave the teacher’s route by being angry to Jun Nagase that would piss her out and clobber him with pins and holds!

Of course, Nikaido-sensei can do that to Keima if he flip her out and kick the Capturing God! So yeah… Making Nagase-sensei mad is out of the option.

How about taking the teacher route by getting Nikaido-sensei’s trust so he could treated equally with Miss Nagase.

Uhh… I think it’s not working. Plus, she’s treating Keima like a slave!

Unfortunately, it seems that Miss Nagase is depressed right now after getting flipped out by a student.

Man, looks like the loose soul is kicking in!

But how come basketball has something to do with Nagase’s route? Oh, right… Nikaido and Nagase was once members of the Mai Academy girls’ basketball team, and then it got suspended because Nagase did something wrong with the team.

Well then… I hope the next episode can finally see the ending for Nagase’s arc!

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