Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. Episode #10

Nothing like seeing Menma praying for Jintan’s dead mother for this penultimate episode!

But first, let’s look at Yukiatsu and Tsuruko as she’s feeling the regret of not saying her true feelings to him. Poor Tsuruko…

Oh yeah, here’s Poppo and while he’s excited to set off the fireworks in Menma’s favor, seems that he has some things that Poppo kept it for himself.

Moving onto the send-off party at the secret base, but it seems that Yukiatsu wanted to recreate the day where Anaru asked Jintan if he loved Menma?

Back then, he said something bad to her and ran off…

Now, Jintan said to Menma that he loves her so much. I guess that he couldn’t said it back then, but now Jintan felt a sigh of relief… or he felt regret about it?

Speaking of Menma, she’s crying but felt happy that Jintan loves her. Unfortunately, it’s time for her to depart towards heaven!

But in any case, it’s time to say goodbye with a bang by launching the rocket towards the sky…

And off it goes! Still, Jintan is regretting right now after he said “I love you!” to Menma.

On the other hand, and Satoshi, Mrs. Irene, and Manabu-san are there to see the rocket go off before blowing up into a puff of smoke!

Anyway, looks like the rocket has launched through the heavens and we’ll miss Menma now that she went up there and possibly reincarnate as someone else.

Unfortunately, she didn’t go to heaven… Well, I bet that it’s either Jintan having regrets or it might be that Menma has a different wish!

Well then, let’s prepare our bodies on the last episode and if this anime became popular, Fuji TV might make a live-action version of Ano Hana. Just don’t screw this up, A-1 Pictures!

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