Hidan no Aria Episode #10

And I though it’s action time on this episode! Well, at least a fanservice episode will calm us down before the big mission.

So while the next episode will have Aria (as maid) and Kinji (as butler) stealing Riko’s rosary from Vlad’s abandoned mansion, I’m thinking that it disappoints me for Aria not wearing an authentic maid uniform instead of adding an apron on her school uniform.

And BTW, this episode should be full of maids!

Also on this episode, a background to Riko’s past has revealed that she becomes Vlad’s slave since her parents died by locking her on to a cell. Gee, no wonder why Riko wanted to surpass her ancestor!

And about Vlad… I’m thinking that the Impaler is alive and well as a vampire and EU’s number two agent!

Anyway, let’s savor the fanservice with Jeanne d’Arc in meganekko-mode! Although, she has trouble drawing simple things like Vlad’s body and weakness.

And… a wolf just barged in! Well, I don’t wanna upload those screenshots for censoring the “plot”.

But at least we have Reki on this episode. For a cold sniper, she’s still human… and also cute too!

Well then, off to the next mission!

And BTW, this is the only fanservice picture on this post. Blame the JNN (as in TBS) for censoring everything sexy!

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