Hanasaku Iroha Episode #12

Well, they’re still in Tokyo… and Ohana is pretty sad right now! Anyway, let’s take Satsuki back to Kissuisou.

But first, let’s look for Ko-chan… only to be stopped by that bookstore girl!

While Ohana is still crying inside for not seeing him…

Tohru and Minko are doing some sightseeing. Although, Minko’s tummy can’t take the load of the food… Poor Minchi!

Oh, and it looks like Tohru is having fun with the claw machine. I feel I just LOLed inside when looking at Minchi’s reaction!

But at least Satsuki agrees to return to Kissuisou. Although I’m not sure whether Satsuki wrote about that article for money or she made it because of hating that place personally (as a child). Nevertheless, she’s going back to Kissuisou!

But for Ko-chan… I think Ohana missed that opportunity to see and talk to him personally. Very sad!

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