Seikon no Qwaser Season 2 Episode #10 is…

So WTF! Look at Tomo’s breast when she’s in SD Mode…

BTW, this is the only post for Seikon no Qwaser Season 2.

Anyway, this episode is so random… that it’s just a breather for the last 2 episode where Edgar fights the Athos in St. Mihailov Academy.

Also, this episode includes a quiz-show hosted by Katja… (With Tomo acting as the buzzer, of all things.)

Sasha losing control because Big Mama banned him for drinking soma… (Wow, that’s harsh!)

And DFC angst because no matter what method they would use, it will not get bigger! tsurupettan~!

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next 2 uncensored episodes… and hoping for another season on Seikon no Qwaser. Still not blogging it though.

BTW, it seems that tengu masks has become the substitute for d*ld*s and p*n*s*s… lately!

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