A Channel Episode #12

I know you’re sad because Run-chan and her friends will graduate and leaving you out on the cold, but this is the last episode!

Oh, and even though the subtitle for this episode is “Alien” doesn’t mean that Run-chan is one of it.

Oh yeah, we forgot to showcase Tooru’s fangirls on this episode. At least you have them, Tooru!

This includes Yutaka-chan. Gawd, she can’t be this cute!

Well, at least these two girls got extended times on this occasion. But alas, we’ll miss you along with the teachers!

Yup, including Satou-sensei, Kitou-sensei, and Kamate-sensei… We’ll miss ya too as well!

Oh, and are you thinking about replacing Yuuko’s panty shot with a ricebowl don’t you? This is not K-On!, remember!

NOTE: Manga Time Kirara Carat serialized both series, and Yuuko is an expy of Mio Akiyama even though Minako Kotobuki voiced the former.

So anyway, this silce-of-life anime has ended. Of course, A Channel might get overshadowed with the likes K-On!, Hidamari Sketch, GA Art Design Class, and possibly… Nichijou!

But of course, this series didn’t end in a sad note with Run-chan graduating and Tooru weeping in tears. So yeah, it ended happily ever after!

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