Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai. Episode #11

Before Menma will pass on to Heaven, let’s try to cram some insights on this final episode. Oh, and you’ll be b’awwwed after watching it!

So anyway, we finally found out that Menma’s wish was to make Jintan cry as he lost his mother.

Although she didn’t plan to bully him actually, it’s just that the unfortunate events and duration of this series made him cried so hard.

Now then, we finally saw Yukiatsu and Anaru’s grief in previous episodes and now it’s sinking in towards them…

Oh yeah, there’s also Tsuruko who finally broke down in tears! I mean, she’s in love with Yukiatsu, but Yukiatsu loves Menma.

But the most unexpected thing happened on this final episode is Poppo. In fact, he can’t take it anymore and cried hard for not saving Menma on the day she died. Wow, this is surprising!

Anyways, all things must come to an end as Menma is about to go up to heaven and reincarnate into someone.

Of course, she won’t leave unless Menma give them a farewell letter! Yeah, everyone cried upon reading it.

But you know what, it wouldn’t be a farewell if Menma didn’t show up for one last time. I mean, it’s better for her to say good-bye in person!

In any cae, the Super Peace Busters have finally saw Menma. Not just Jintan, but all of them! This is probably the most heartwarming moment in Ano Hana!

Well, it seems that it’s farewell to this cute ghost girl named Menma!

As for the rest of the Super Peace Busters, it seems that Anaru is dating Jintan, Yukiatsu finally paired up with Tsuruko, and Poppo finally moves on to his life. What a happy ending on this series!

Anyway, looks like A-1 Pictures made a great job on this series that it landed as one of the best in Spring 2011. Even though it’s short with 11 episodes, they cranked the tear-jerking moments at the maximum level.

With this series over, I was hoping for a live-action version of Ano Hana. Fuji TV, just make it happen and don’t forget to invite the reunited ZONE band in the production!

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