Astarotte no Omocha! Episode #12

After a short date at the amusement park, Lotte-chan bid farewell to Naoya. And as for Asuha, Mercelida bid farewell to her first daughter.

Well, that’s the end of their story… not a chance yet!

But after 3 minutes of Naoya and Asuha on the Human World, they were connected to Ygvarland via a magic phone, and eventually returned to Ygvarland!

Well anyways, despite the loli/shota design by the artist of Baka Test and its somewhat-typical plot, Astarotte no Omocha! ended on a happier note with Naoya and Asuha returned via Sorvieg’s newly-invented World Gate.

Oh, and for Lotte… She lost that leaf mark and instead has a half-heart mark that will spurt wings! (BTW, it was a bug bite.)

It’s so nice to see them together again… although Asuha has no panties again!

PS: Needs more Mercelida though…

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