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Sacred Seven Episode #01

And now for my first anime for Summer 2011, Sunrise gives us… A shounen anime where ordinary teenagers turn into superheroes! Oh, and it includes maids too! Although it’s a bit cliche, it seems that Sacred Seven involves around stones … Continue reading

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GOSICK Episode #24

Well, as you can see… Both Kujo and Victorique are reunited! Although Victorique’s golden hair has turned into silver as well as the expository wardrobe change. It was a tough ride for this episode: The Roscoe brothers are dead (with … Continue reading

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Hanasaku Iroha Episode #14

Gee, isn’t Yuina lucky of having a fiance at a young age? Although being a successor and a manager of a prestigious inn like Fukuya is a matter of question for her. (That’s what I think…) Anyway, looks like Yuina’s … Continue reading

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