Yuruyuri Episode #02

Even though Miku Hatsune has become the Student Council Vice-President, they forgot about that Akarin girl. How sad for her!

But wait, it seems that Yui Hirasawa has become a yuri fan thanks to her delusions. Way to go!

Anyway, these two girls are from the Student Council. It’s secretary Chitose Ikeda (voiced by Aki Toyosaki) and vice-president Ayano Sugiura (voiced by Saki Fujita), respectively.

BTW, where’s the president?

Oh, and those other two girls? They’re also from the Student Council named Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro, who acted as rivals to each other.

Although they’re sworn enemies since pre-school, it seems that they have some “moments” to each other. Teasing on this yuri show, perhaps?

Well then, that’s a wrap on this episode of Yuruyuri! Let’s close this post with Chitose losing some amount of blood. She’s a bit anemic though!

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