Nichijou Episode #16

So, that daifuku fair guy is Nakanojo’s father… and he has that mohawk too?!

Oh, well! Who wants to join Yukko with some coffee?

As a note of caution, do not touch Mio’s yaoi drawings!

‘Cause if you do that, Mio will knock you down! Good job KyoAni on the slowdown beatdown scene.

Yup, this is what happens to everyone involved including Sasahara’s goat.

But that said goat got nibbled her last page. Well, Mio… I feel your pain!

Oh, look… It seems that Yukko made a visit to Nano’s house.

And, it looks like both the Professor and Yukko are friends already. Well, that was fast!

I hope Yukko would not tell Nano’s secret to everybody. But it seems that everyone knows her as the only robot in class.

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  1. bonehimer says:

    Loved this episode, by far my favorite so far.

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