Hanasaku Iroha Episode #16

So, why these girls are cleaning the unused pool at Kissuisou?

I’ll give you a hint… It has to do with summer. Nice angle there, Nakochi!

And since summer is around the corner in HanaIro, it would be a great idea if Kissuisou will use the whole hotel as the backdrop for a movie.

Although the Young Master (Sorry, I forgot his name again) will be at the hotseat as producer, for it was Jiroumaru who will pressed on the seat that is hotter than hell as the writer.

Jirou-san, just do your own thing so you’ll shine like the rest! And as for Mr. Shijima, good luck!

Anyway, let’s hope that the production is a success. And Mr. Ren, just don’t screw up your cooking after posing with an actress.

BTW, it seems that neither Manyuu Hikenchou nor R-15 will have a proper uncensored version. (AT-X broadcasted a half-assed uncensored version of Manyuu Hikenchou, so it’s a bit disappointing!)

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