Yuruyuri Episode #03

And that’s what happens to anyone who bullies Akarin and demoting her to an extra! Too bad that it was a delusion made by Kyouko Toshino.

Then again, this episode doesn’t feature the student council after Episode 2 as this week’s episode will focus on 3 girls visiting Yui Funami’s apartment.

How nice that Kyouko-chan, Chinatsu, and Akarin went to see Yui’s… crib!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with Kyouko Toshino sleeping beside Yui Funami, but it would be nice if this anime would ramp up the yuri level just like Yuri-Yuri. Basically, it’s Yuruyuri with more yuri!

And another note, it seems that the author Namori liked Dogakobo’s changes of Akari’s older sibling from a older brother into an older sister, that he applied those changes in the manga just to keep the Pink Bishoujo Ghetto.

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